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Centre of Excellence

Dr. Tanu Dang,Assistant Professor

Dr. Tanu Dang has received a grant of Rs. 5.95 lakh from U.P Higher Education Council under the Centre for Excellence project. She will be establishing ‘Center for Rural Communication and Development’ with the grant.

Centre of Excellence

Dr. Neeraj Shukla,Assistant Professor

Dr. Neeraj Shukla has received Rs. 3.75 Lakhs from U.P Higher Education Council under the Centre for Excellence project for ‘Entrepreneurship and Skill Development Program with Special Reference to Youth in Uttar Pradesh’

Dr. Bushra Alvera gets the Lieutenant rank as Associate NCC Officer

Dr Bushra AlveraAssistant Professor

Dr Bushra Alvera, Assistant Professor, Department of Education attained the rank of Lieutenant after 90 days of rigorous Military training and has become the Associate NCC Officer (ANO). The training was organized by the Ministry of Defense, Government of India from 23 July to 23 October at Officers Training Academy, Gwalior.


Mrs. Shan-e-Fatima,Assistant Professor

Mrs. Shan-e-Fatima, Assistant Professor in the Computer Department of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, has received the first International patent in the University. She has received an Australian patent for IoT based green energy management. In this patent, emphasis has been laid on automating the electric system, water management, soil analysis etc. of the public gardens as well as those of home gardens completely self-powered through various sensors.

Centre of Excellence

Prof. Syed Haider Ali,Professor Management

Prof. Syed Haider Ali has been sanctioned Rs.3.00 Lakhs by U.P Higher Education Council under the Centre for Excellence project for ‘Center for Innovative Studies’.

Centre of Excellence

Dr. Praveen Kumar Rai,Head of Department of Geography

Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti Language University, Lucknow has received a grant of 4.5 lakhs by the Government of Uttar Pradesh for establishment of Center of Excellence in the financial year 2021-22.This grant will be utilised to conduct research on landslides in the areas of Mussoorie Dehradun through remote sensing technology.


Dr. Suman Kumar Mishra,Assistant Professor

Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Technology has obtained patent for “Human Personality Detection System Using Machine Learning”.