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Convener : Prof. Syed Haider Ali Member: Dr. Tanu Dang
In the present contemporary and competitive environment, education is not only a mode of transmitting knowledge but also a tool that equips the students with requisite professional skills that prepare them for the upcoming job opportunities.
The Placement Cell of the University helps the students to identify organizations suited for training and future placement. It is dedicated to support the students in their pursuit to get jobs in various reputed organizations. In addition to this, the placement cell also conducts special lectures and workshops to update the students on current job opportunities and trends in their chosen area of study.

Career Counselling Cell

Knowledge is power but what makes knowledge even more powerful is how a student utilizes it. With the growing challenges of the job market and the increasingly changing skill sets required by the recruiters, students often face challenges in selecting the right career for themselves.  To help the students and to guide them in making this important decision, the University has a dedicated Career Counseling Cell. The cell undertakes several measures like organizing seminars, mock interviews, soft skills and communicative skills training, personality development, corporate culture/etiquette and leadership skills enhancement  so that the students may be able to undergo a process of self introspection, which in turn, helps them to make more rational career choices.